We have been producing wedding shows since 2011. We take pride in how well organized our wedding shows are from vendor set up to bridal registration. Customer service is our number one priority. Here are some reasons you should attend our bridal shows.

  1. We have affordable booth rates compared to others in the area starting from as low 250.00 and up to 550.00
  2. We limit vendor categories at each bridal show ensuring that each vendor can get multiple bookings with in their wedding category.
  3. We help you with the load in and the break down process compliments of TheXpos. We know sometimes you just need a little help. We always have 3 to 5 helpers to expedite a smoother transition into and out of the bridal show.
  4. We supply pipe and drape where needed. Most of our wedding shows will have 3 feet pipe and drape around the booths. You can also request 8 feet pipe and drape as well. We do this to ensure vendor boundaries. So no one will encroach your space. Plus it creates a nice ambiance for the show.
  5. We email you a wedding and vendor lead list within one week after the bridal show.
  6. We provide the vendors with Vendor Village. It’s a place where wedding vendors can relax for a few minutes during the show. We also provide complimentary drinks and snacks and when available lunch (subject to Venue approval). This allows you to stay rejuvenated for the whole wedding show.
  7. We normally have 250 to 500 brides attend our bridal shows plus their friends and family. We do this by utilizing several methods of advertising. We believe in our experience that this is the optimal amount of brides for maximum bookings. It’s not too small and not too large but just right!

Additional options for purchase;

  • Bingo
  • Bag stuffers
  • Digital signage
  • Additional category listings

Deluxe advertising packages on website include;

  • Description of your company
  • Image or logo
  • Link to your company website
  • Bridal leads before the show

There is nothing more important than a good marketing campaign for your company.

Get Listed on our Site:

  1. Description of your Company
  2. Picture or Logo
  3. Link to Your Company Web Site
  4. Wedding Leads

Advertise with us today!!

Comprehensive marketing program that includes Print Ads, Internet Advertising on our website , Daily wedding Leads, Networking Meetings, and Discounts on TheXpos Wedding Shows. It is a great planning resource for all wedding couples!